[Spambayes] Pop3proxy - Web interface crashes when reviewing messages

Bradley Richards bradley at kri.ch
Mon Feb 16 16:27:56 EST 2004

Hi folks,

I didn't find anything listed amongst the currently known bugs, so here's a
brief report:

I'm using SpamBayes as a pop3proxy on the firewall of our tiny company (3
people using e-mail). We receive a couple hundred spams per day, and the
firewall is an old, unkillable machine: Pentium-133 running NT4 (sp6a). I'm
running SpamBayes 1.0a9, and start the server as Administrator in a DOS-Box
using "sb_server.exe -b"

I review messages across the network from a different machine. When I click
on "review messages", Opera tells me is has received 321 bytes, and then I
wait. And wait. And eventually nothing further happens and I'm left with a
blank page.

Sometimes a refresh works. Otherwise, the only solution seems to be to go to
the subdirectories, delete all the spam/ham/unsure messages, and restart the

I suspect this problem is related to the amount of work being done, on a
relatively slow machine. Timeout on the http connection?

By the time this error has occured, the DOS Box contains several error
messages saying

error: uncaptured python exception. closing channel
<spambayes.Dibbler._HTTPHander connected at 0x1418fa8> (socker.error:(9,
'Bad file descriptor')
[asynchat.pyc|initiate_send|218] ]asyncor.pyc|send|334]).

If it's important, I can attempt to see if these actually appear at the time
of the interace problem. Or if there is any other useful information I could
provide, please let me know...


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