[Spambayes] Problem with SpamBayes 1.0a9 & procmail

papaDoc papaDoc at videotron.ca
Mon Feb 16 17:10:34 EST 2004

Mike Causer wrote:

>On Mon, 16 Feb 2004 14:23:40 -0500  papaDoc wrote:
>>Did you trained with new mails or with mail you  have trained your 
>>earlier version of spambayes?
>All new.      Indeed the ham all arrived in the last 24 hours, and the
>spam in the last month. 
So you received  494 hams in the last 24hrs ???
Wouah you have a lot of friends ;-)

What did you use for training ? (sb_mboxtraine I guess)
Try to train again but add the "-f" flag to the command line.

>SpamBayes was never installed on this machine, although there was a
>hammiedb dating from about a year ago in my home directory (copied over
>when upgrading from an older machine.)  The hammiedb was deleted
>before training the new installation.
The mails wer never use as training set ?


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