[Spambayes] 1.09a Installer missing pop3proxy_service.exe ??

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Mon Feb 16 18:27:56 EST 2004

[Robert Haskett]
> I just downloaded the 1.09a package and opened the
> readme_proxy.html.  Under the Using the Service
> paragraph is mentions a /proxy directory under the
> main SpamBayes folder.  This doesn't exist and isn't
> installed by the 1.09a installer.  Is the installer broken?

> Have you started the proxy? The directory you refer
> to is a data directory that is not created by the
> installer. It should be created the first time you start the proxy.

Ah, no - Robert is right, and the installer is 'broken' (well, not really,
but it doesn't install the binary for the Windows service).

There are two problems here - the readme should refer to SpamBayes/bin, not
SpamBayes/proxy, and the installer doesn't actually include the
pop3proxy_service.exe file.

So the answer is that the service isn't available with (the binary version
of) 1.0a9 (0.9).  It'll still work fine from source, of course, and running
it as a simple application rather than a service should still be fine.

Apologies for this!  I'll check in fixes in a moment.

=Tony Meyer

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