[Spambayes] To many option displayed for "Storage options"

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Mon Feb 16 21:53:08 EST 2004

> In the web UI in the Advance option in the section "Storage Options"
> You have:
> Use database for storage: * mysql
>                           * pgsql
>                           * dbm
>                           * pickle
>                           * True
>                           * False
>                           * True
>                           * False
> It looks to me that the True or False don't belong there.

The reason for this is that the option was changed from a boolean to
multi-choice, to allow more than two database types (the sql ones at the
moment, plus maybe a zeo/zope one someday).  I didn't want to break existing
configurations, though (although this will happen at some point), so the
option allows True as a synonym for "dbm" and False as a synonym for
"pickle".  Then it's *more* complicated, because when read from a config
file True and False end up as "True" and "False" (a quirk of the options
code).  So "True" is the same as True and "False" is the same as False.
Yes, it's ugly :/

> And the comment on the side is also strange.

The comment was meant to explain why there are the different options.  I had
hoped that it would be clear enough (especially given that the option is
hidden away in the Advanced page), but I guess it isn't.  In your opinion,
could be comment be made clear enough to leave the True/False/"True"/"False"
options there (for one more revision), or should I add in code to alter this
one specific option?  (I'd rather not add option-specific code to the UI,
since it's nice and general at the moment, and will need removing at some

=Tony Meyer

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