[Spambayes] Two issues with the Outlook plug-in (1.09a)

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue Feb 17 18:08:15 EST 2004

> 1. IMO, there should be a 'help->version' button
> that just displays the version.

If you do SpamBayes->SpamBayes Manager, the version is there.  Or you can do
SpamBayes->Check for new version and see if it's the latest (which is all
most people care about anyway).  If you need it to report a bug, then just
including the log file will tell us all we need to know (and there is an
integrated bug report system, like the new sb_server one, in the works).

That said, David Walker asked for something along these lines just a few
days back, so I'll open a feature request and see what Mark thinks.

> If I click on the button 'show spam clues for current
> message', a new mail message is created, with the
> clues, etc. However, it seems that the original message
> is now marked as read. My question is - does it also
> trigger sending a 'read receipt' if the original message
> had this flag enabled?

There's various stuff about this here:

[ 743384 ] Show Spam Clues Marks Message as Read

> Other than that, it's a great product and a great team behind it!

Thanks from us all :)

=Tony Meyer

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