[Spambayes] Possible bug?

Scott Job scott.job at tetratech.com
Wed Feb 18 15:16:51 EST 2004


I started running SpamBayes yesterday. Everything went fine with the
installation. I am having a problem when I use the Recover From Spam
function in my Unsure folder - SpamBayes puts the message back into the
wrong Inbox. Details follow:

I have two accounts, a POP3 and an IMAP, both configured in Outlook 2000
SP-3. I am not filtering the POP3 account since I never receive spam at that
email address. I do filter the IMAP account, which gets some spam (5-10x or
so a day). I leave recent messages on the server for my IMAP account. Older
messages get moved into locally stored Outlook folders.

I set up my Unsure folder within my IMAP account (since I need access to
recent messages there). The SPAM folder is stored locally, not in the IMAP
account. So far, ham stays in my IMAP Inbox, possible spam goes into the
IMAP Unsure folder, and spam goes into the locally stored SPAM folder.
However, when I have ham in the Unsure folder and I click the Recover From
Spam button, the message gets moved to the local Inbox, not the IMAP Inbox.
Note that POP3 email also goes into the local Inbox (this detail may or may
not be important). Also, both inboxes are named "Inbox" within Outlook, in
case it's important.

Let me know if you need further information, happy to help. If there is a
known fix, let me know that as well.

Scott Job

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