[Spambayes] Configuring Spam Folder

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed Feb 18 19:24:48 EST 2004

> I have enabled Spambayes and have trained Spambayes - but I 
> cannot set the
> location of the folders where the certain and unsure spam is 
> to be moved to.
> I can define the filters such that the moved to folders are 
> defined but when
> I back out of the Define Filters window, the location of the 
> folders for the
> spam change to <unknown>.   I cannot set the folders and 
> everytime I try to
> use Spambayes, I get a message stating I must configure the 
> spam folders.

Sounds like something's not happy with your folder choices.  Could you send
us your log file?  It should help us figure out what is going wrong.  (Also
- what version are you using?  If it's not 1.0a9 (0.9), then you should try

The Help->Troubleshooting Guide explains where to get your log files.

=Tony Meyer

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