[Spambayes] Maintain training with Outlook?

Erin Lazzaro hera at optonline.net
Wed Feb 18 21:32:13 EST 2004

The simple version first:  What's the best way to maintain training with the Outlook plugin?  The FAQ advises training on "a few ham and a few spam" on a regular basis, but it's not obvious how to train on ham that hasn't been misclassified.  The "Recover from Spam" button is only present in the Junk Mail and Junk Mail Suspects folders, and the wizard completely rebuilds the database; is there something less drastic that I'm missing?  My spam/ham ratio before filtering is probably close to 10:1.  How do I choose which and how many messages to train on?

Now, for extra credit:  I don't actually use Outlook much -- I use Pocket Outlook on my PDA, and do as much as I can on the train.  The plugin buttons obviously aren't available, and moving messages into the Junk folders doesn't work either.  Apparently ActiveSync moves the messages behind the scenes and SpamBayes doesn't see them move.  I made a couple of special folders, TrainJunk and TrainGood, to sort messages into when using Pocket Outlook; when I'm back on the desktop I "Delete as Spam" the entire TrainJunk folder.  I haven't figured out what to do with the TrainGood folder yet.  Does anyone see a less cumbersome way of handling this?


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