[Spambayes] Ham:Spam ratio

dickk at paragonconstructioninc.com dickk at paragonconstructioninc.com
Thu Feb 19 09:22:46 EST 2004

I've seen a lot of posts regarding this ratio that indicate 1:1 or 1:2 is an
appropriate ratio.  My ratio is currently 446:5554 or about 1:121.

My real email statistics are about 98% spam, 2% ham.  When I started using
SpamBayes two months ago, I didn't do any training, but rather started
training on all new email.  Now about 60% of my mail goes to Junk and 39%
goes to Junk Suspects.  Of the 39% unclassified, maybe 1% is actually ham.
I'm not particularly unhappy with the way that it's working, I just don't
know if I'm using it properly.

My questions are:  Should I expect that 39% of my mail is unclassified, or
should it be less (or more)?  If I retrain to get a ratio of 1:2 or better,
will that decrease the amount of unclassified mail?  If I retrain, how often
should I retrain to keep the ratio proper?

Dick Kusleika
Paragon Construction, Inc.

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