[Spambayes] Delete As Spam - Doesn't always work

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Thu Feb 19 15:59:25 EST 2004

[Geoff Campbell]
> Sometimes (very rarely) when I select an obvious spam message and
> "click" on "Delete As Spam", nothing happens.  It seems that the
> message is "SpamBayes proof"!  This happens once every several days,
> but I can't see a pattern.  Using Outlook 2002 (SP-1).  Would be
> happy to send you a representative email.

That would be good.  There's probably a helpful (to us <wink>) message in
your SpamBayes log file whenever this happens.  A real problem is that
Outlook destroys the exact structure of incoming email, so you may not
actually be able to give anyone else an email that reproduces the problem.
When "nothing happens" in an otherwise-working SpamBayes, the usual cause is
that the email is so badly formed (violates so many standards about how
email *should* be constructed) that the SpamBayes email parser gives up
trying to make any sense of it.  If that's what's happening, you will find
helpful (to us) information in your SpamBayes log file.

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