[Spambayes] i need some help

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Thu Feb 19 17:59:21 EST 2004

> can i use any of your programs to get rid of my spam, i am 
> unsure because i am using a email account through auburn 
> university which is on there website.  i have windows me and 
> really really hate all of this spam.

So you read your email in a web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Safari,
or something like that), rather than in a mail client (Outlook, Outlook
Express, Mail.app, Eudora, or something like that)?  If that's the case, and
this is the only way to do it, then unfortunately none of the SpamBayes
applications will work for you.

With a webmail type system like this, I think your best hope (other than
moving away from webmail) would be to have the university install some
server-side filtering for everyone.

=Tony Meyer

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