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This message that I just sent to the list may help you since it
addresses a similar issue. Here is a link to it in the Spambayes list
Port 8880 is the port number that SpamBayes is using to provide it's
Web-based user interface. This port is not used at all for actual
proxying of mail. "POP3 proxy running on" indicates the port that
SpamBayes is listening on for local connections to the POP3 interface,
and "proxying to" indicates the mail server that SpamBayes will talk to
to retrieve the e-mail. Since these are on different machines, it is
fine for the port number to be the same.
The key is to configure Outlook Express to use "localhost" as the mail
server instead of "pop.sonic.net". See the referenced message for
additional details on how to set up Outlook Express and determine if
SpamBayes is processing the messages.
Kenny Pitt


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My problem has to do with port assignments. Before installation, I
determined that my Outlook Express POP3 account uses Port 110. I
therefore assigned Port 110 to SpamBayes. But I do not know if SpamBayes
is intercepting mail downloaded to my machine via that port.
The address field on my Internet Explorer window reads
http://localhost:8880 when I am viewing SpamBayes screens. The SpamBayes
HOME page displays the following message at the top of the screen:
    POP3 proxy running on 110, proxying to pop.sonic.net:110.
So my questions are...
1. Should these port numbers be different?
2. Am I supposed to put the number 8880 in the field used to assign a
port to SpamBayes?
3. How can I tell if SpamBayes is intercepting my email?

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