[Spambayes] munging the headers

Albert Ting altlst at sonic.net
Fri Feb 20 23:56:48 EST 2004

I just started to try out spambayes and it appears the latest version
munges all the headers when I use sb_mboxtrain.py.  But I'm using Emacs/VM
and the problem is that it re-justifies the headers.  In particular,
spambayes will change this header:

  X-VM-v5-Data: (... "long subject line text" ...)


  X-VM-v5-Data: (... "long subject
     line text" ...)

This confuses VM when it tries to display the summary section.  Is there a
way to prevent sb_mboxtrain.py from re-justifying the headers?

One other thing.  This is minor, but sp_mboxtrain.py
adds a "X-Spambayes-Trained: spam" after the "Date:" column.  VM assumes
"Date:" is the last field and gets confused how to display this extra
header.  Not sure if that's a VM problem or a spambayes problem.


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