[Spambayes] 1.0a9 SMTP proxy hosed on Linux

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Sat Feb 21 21:10:59 EST 2004

> spambayes-1.0a9.tar.gz smtpproxy is hosed.  My mail client 
> (KMail) now hangs when I send mail to train.

This is probably the known NameError.  It's fixed in CVS, so will be fixed
in the next release.  You can replace your smtpproxy.py file (in the
spambayes directory) with v1.6 from CVS if you like, which should fix the

> The setup.py install is broken too.  It did not replace all 
> the /usr/bin/sb_* scripts properly.  It said they were already
> installed, but it was obvious they weren't correct, because
> the scripts cratered all over the place, and after the install,
> the files in /usr/bin were not the same files that were in
> the installation directory.

Did you just run setup.py regularly?  (i.e. no flags passed other than
"install"?).  It silently replaces all the files here (apart from asking
about deleting sb_smtpproxy.py).  This could be a Windows/Linux difference,
but I'm pretty sure that distutils is meant to operate in a platform
agnostic way.

> Where all does spambayes copy things when you do the setup.py install
> thing?

Into a "spambayes" folder in your Python Lib/site-packages directory and the
Python Scripts directory.

> And, why did the old 1.0a7 start two sb_server.py processes 
> but this one only starts one?

AFAIK, there should only be one (although the POP3 proxy and SMTP proxy run
in separate threads; same process, though).  Perhaps the result of a bug

=Tony Meyer

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