[Spambayes] Retraining

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Sun Feb 22 18:06:51 EST 2004

> Is there a way to re-classify messages already used for 
> training?  I noticed the messages themselves seem to be 
> stored in the cache folders, but I couldn't figure out if 
> there was a way to get them displayed again in the Review 
> Messages web page for reclassification or some other way to 
> do this.

Yes - use the "Find message" query on the front page of the web interface.
With 1.0a9 you can search via the SpamBayes ID (the file name), subject,
body, or headers.  It'll bring up the messages in the standard review page,
and if you train any of them, they will automatically be untrained as

> Now that I think I understand a little more about 
> how SpamBayes works, I would rather have discarded a few of 
> the messages I trained on.

Ah - this is a bit different, though.  This is 'untraining', rather than
'retraining'.  There isn't any facility exposed by the ui for this at the
moment, sorry.  Unless you write some Python code and do it that way, the
only option is to delete the databases and start from scratch.

=Tony Meyer

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