[Spambayes] SpamBayes a wonderful product

Gary Norris gonor at adelphia.net
Sun Feb 22 23:15:35 EST 2004

I have a question which I cannot find the answer to on your web site.  


I installed SpamBayes about a week ago.  It seems to be working and
learning with less and less errors.


What I cannot find on your web site is this question:


At what point does the program recognize an e-mail as one which I
consider Spam and process it as such? 


1.	When it is moved from the inbox to the Junk Mail box?
2.	When it is moved from the Junk Mail box to the Deleted Files box
and then deleted from the system?
3.	I think this applies to the suspect mail box as well.  I assume
if it is moved to a wanted box it is processed as non Junk mail.  If it
is moved to the Junk Mail it is moved to the Junk Mail box.


Gary Norris        

Yuma, AZ

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