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Cyphers, Darrell -- Tt, Inc. Darrell.Cyphers at tetratech.com
Mon Feb 23 11:25:43 EST 2004

I have been using the program for several months, and it has been working
beautifully with 2 exceptions.
1) Whenever a Windows upgrade is installed, the addin fails to load with the
next startup of Outlook;
2) This morning, for the first time, selecting a message and clicking
"Delete as Spam" did absolutely nothing. I re-installed the addin twice to
no avail.
I read the troubleshooting section, but it is technically overy my head. I
don't know what "the log file for this session" is, and I don't know what an
"installation type" is. So, I'm e-mailing you instead. Do you have any

Darrell Cyphers
Tetra Tech, Inc.
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