[Spambayes] un-spamming

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Mon Feb 23 18:23:53 EST 2004

> I have deleted an e-mail address as Spam that I don't want to 
> be Spam at all.  How can I un-Spam it?

If you're using the Outlook plug-in, then find the message (in your 'spam'
folder, presumably), select it, and click the "Recover from spam" button.
If you've already deleted the message, then you'll have to either start
training from scratch, or just watch for the next time a message from that
person arrives, and train on it then (which should cancel the email address
tokens, if nothing else).

If you're using sb_server, then use the "Find Message" query on the front
page of the web interface to find the message, then train it as Ham.  Again,
if the message is gone (by default, this will be after 7 days), then you'll
have to retrain/train on the next one.

=Tony Meyer

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