[Spambayes] Unable to delete as spam

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Mon Feb 23 21:23:22 EST 2004

> I have been using the program for several months,
> and it has been working beautifully with 2 exceptions. 
> 1) Whenever a Windows upgrade is installed, the addin
> fails to load with the next startup of Outlook; 

This is a decision made by Outlook, that AFAIK, we have no control over.  If
you have other plug-ins installed, they're probably disabled, too.

> 2) This morning, for the first time, selecting a
> message and clicking "Delete as Spam" did absolutely
> nothing. I re-installed the addin twice to no avail.

Is this just with that one message, or all messages now?  Does the SpamBayes
drop-down menu still work, or is that broken, too?  The add-in might be
disabled (Help->About Microsoft Outlook->Disabled Items), or something else
might be wrong.

> I read the troubleshooting section, but it is
> technically overy my head.

It would really help us (if you have the time) if you could outline all the
bits that don't make sense.  We'd like to make the documentation as simple
to follow as possible, but we really need users' help to do that.

> I don't know what "the log file for this session" is,

Each time SpamBayes runs, a log file is created.  It includes various
information that helps us figure out what is going wrong, when something
goes wrong.  In the "check the log file" section, it explains where this
file would be stored (it differs depending on your Windows version).

> and I don't know what an "installation type" is. So, 

To install SpamBayes, you downloaded a file called "spambayes-1.0a9.exe",
and double-clicked it, yes?  That means you are running the binary version.
If you instead downloaded a file called "spambayes-1.0a9.zip", and one
called "PythonX.exe", and double-clicked a file called "addin.py", then
you're using the source version (this is unlikely).

The guide says this: "If you are running from Python source code, and
installed Python, plus SpamBayes as separate components, then you are
running the source code version.  If you downloaded an installer .EXE file,
then you are running the binary version.".  Any suggestions on how could we
make this clearer?  (We really are interested in making it as simple to
understand as possible.

=Tony Meyer

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