[Spambayes] Problem with SpamBayes & Outlook Express

Katz, Amir Amir_Katz at bmc.com
Tue Feb 24 03:34:56 EST 2004

After using SB successfully at work [Outlook plug-in] for a few weeks, I
installed SB at my home PC to be used with Outlook Express (OE). Getting
messages via the POP3 proxy works great. However, sending large messages via
the SMTP proxy takes a long time and then it times out. Short messages go
out fine. (large means > 1MB).
My questions are:
1) Why do I need the SMTP proxy? Since I don't send spam, and assuming that
I don't train SB by sending to the fake spambayes_spam at localhost
<mailto:spambayes_spam at localhost> , why do I need it?
2) Are there any settings either in SB or in OE to overcome this? In OE, I
tried to increase the server wait time to 4 minutes and split large
messages, but to no avail.
Details: Windows XP, McAfee VirusScan running

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