[Spambayes] Large Files

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed Feb 25 01:52:31 EST 2004

> My SpamBayes is reading large files with attachments
> as Junk (+1MB).

IIRC, SpamBayes doesn't generate any clues at all based on the size of
attachments.  There will be one token (per attachment) generated that says
there is an attachment there, but that's it.

> How do I reset SpamBayes so that I can receive these
> large files, with their large attachments?

1.  You should still be *receiving* these messages, they just may be moved
into your unsure/spam folder.
2.  Have you tried training on some of them?
3.  The clues ("Show Clues") for the message would really help in explaining
why the message is scoring what it is.

=Tony Meyer

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