[Spambayes] Problem with POP3 Proxy

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed Feb 25 01:57:07 EST 2004

[Tony Meyer]
> How do you know that there are ten or twenty?  Are there that many 
> files in the unknown cache directory?  Or is that just how much mail 
> you have received?

[Joseph Neustein]
> Yes, that's the amount of mail I'm getting in my inbox.   I 
> don't know what the unknown cache directory is.

Ok, it sounds like what is happening is that mail isn't going through
SpamBayes at all.  What's meant to happen is that Outlook Express connects
to your mail server *through* SpamBayes, and SpamBayes adds information to
the messages on the way so that you can filter them.  You need to set
Outlook Express up to connect to "localhost", rather than directly to your
mail server.  (The FAQ has a diagram that explains the process better than I
can here, and the README.txt / readme.html file has instructions about
setting up your mailer).

Note that with Outlook Express you'll also have to go to the Configuration
page of the web interface and set the option to add the classification to
the "to" or "subject" headers.  This is because Outlook Express has a very
limited capability for filtering, and so the information has to go here,
rather than in a separate (invisible to you) header.

FWIW, there is a program to automatically configure both your mail client
and SpamBayes in the works, but it's not quite fully done yet.

=Tony Meyer

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