[Spambayes] Can't get to additional Outlook inboxes to filter them

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed Feb 25 23:23:15 EST 2004

> A week ago I installed Spambayes version .9, at that point
> I had Office 2000 on my computer, and I was very pleased
> when Spambayes recognized all the additional inboxes I 
> had setup in my setup of Outlook (rorris, Webmaster, support).
> I told it not to filter support, but I loved that it
> filtered rorris and Webmaster.  Then two days ago I upgraded
> to Office 2003, and I noticed that SpamBayes was no longer
> filtering my Webmaster inbox, but it is still filtering my
> rorris mailbox.

SpamBayes currently remembers which folders it is filtering by remembering
the internal 'store id' (pst file, Exchange, etc) and 'entry id' (the folder
itself) for each folder.  I suspect that what has happened here is that as a
result of the upgrade process the id for the webmaster mailbox has changed
(is it maybe on a different store to the rorris one?).

> I looked in the configuration and it still
> lists inbox; inbox as being filtered, but when I browse and
> try to reset up which folders I want to filter, I run into a
> problem.  I can't expand the Webmaster mailbox to get to
> the inbox, nothing happens when I click on the plus sign. 

Something's going wrong when SpamBayes tries to access the children of one
of the stores, although it's not clear what that is.  I'm not familiar
enough with the MAPI errors to figure it out, so if this isn't resolved (see
below), then I'd suggest submitting a bug report on sourceforge
<http://sf.net/projects/spambayes>, which means that Mark will notice it
sooner or later.

> NOTE:  I did not uninstall the database files and the
> config files, maybe I should try that.

Removing/renaming the database files should have no effect on this at all
(other than removing your training, obviously).  However, removing/renaming
the config files should fix this problem; at least it should fix the problem
of trying to access the webmaster inbox.  Whether it will fix the problem of
accessing it in the Manager configuration is another question, but I suspect
it will.  This is the best bet for a solution; if it doesn't work then the
bug report (as above) is probably the next best step.

=Tony Meyer

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