[Spambayes] Train on Hashbusters?

Fred Mertz fred at lucy.com
Thu Feb 26 09:44:29 EST 2004

I get lots of spam with sections of random words like this:

optimum correct rome devout blanch apostle burnside breathy compliment cezanne curie daisy indignity 
elkhart snoop blow tenement baud passive linebacker peril anthem allusive primitivism adhesive witness 
hoydenish equestrian angus 

Or gibberish like this:

ituk geuxj vyy yafw hba ww tqqp clm peqb lvvjf sje rjkorm oojigby immqx igd ahovey cx ihpsrf ket aodg pcpd 
pg bxmey utuas xxcf oux tfcnf rrmhu c lki

Should I train on these messages?

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