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Ryan Malayter rmalayter at bai.org
Thu Feb 26 12:49:31 EST 2004

[Greg Lee]
> I have activated SpamBayes. Great program! Problem is that 
> it will not allow access to information required to format 
> our email header (this one probably has empty boxes). We 
> have to go out over the web to grab format pieces to construct 
> our email header. I cannot figure out how to tell SpamBayes 
> to allow it though. Help!

Do you really use all those images in EVERY message you 
send out from your company?

I think you should seriously reconsider that, because:

1) Many newer mail programs (Outlook 2003, Mozilla mail, 
   the newest Outlook Express) won't display it at all, 
   so it looks ugly  unless the user decides to manually 
   click on their "download images" button. I bet they 
   won't in most cases.

2) Many organizations use spam filters, and these filters 
   look for things like image links. Image links are *very* 
   spammy to most spam filters, because "regular people" 
   don't send them with regular email. Your message had
   quite a few "Url:jpg" and "url:gif" tokens, which score 
   >90% spam with my trained SpamBayes. So a lot of your 
   messages are never going to be read, even if they're 
   not promotional.

3) Many people still use modems, and dowloading 30 seconds
   worth of graphics will really piss them off. Plus, your
   website is so slow that the images just creep onto the
   page, even though my company has a fractional T3 from
   a tier-1 ISP!

4) IMHO, it actually looks unprofessional to have gobs of
   graphics in an email. Email is a written medium, and not
   every message should be a glossy  brochure. It detracts 
   from the message the email is trying to convey.

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