[Spambayes] How to cure extreme disproportion of spam to ham??

Howard hrg at email.com
Thu Feb 26 13:55:01 EST 2004

Spambayes manager warns me that I have spam:ham disproportion, 454:3365
to be exact.  I cannot figure out what to do about this.  I get a ton of
spam and the program puts most of it in the "Suspects" folder.  Usually
all the mail in the Suspects folder is spam, so I highlight it all and
click the "Delete as Spam" button.  The Suspects folder usually has
20-30 spams in it after checking my mail once a day, and this is how I
got the imbalance in the first place.  There is usually no ham in the
Suspects folder, so the imbalance worsens every day.  I can't figure out
a way to get the program to train *only* on the ham in my In-Box.  How
do I fix this imbalance?
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