[Spambayes] PocketPC

Mark Hammond mhammond at keypoint.com.au
Fri Feb 27 00:26:02 EST 2004

> Thank you all for your responses.  I have read all the
> training pages in the Wiki, and I have devised a _Plan for
> Working with Pocket Inbox_.  I've only run one daily cycle so
> far - I'll report after a week on how good my filters are.
> In the meantime, would anyone like to comment?

That looks interesting to me.  If people find it useful, we could add a
facility to SpamBayes - optionally define 'automatic ham training' and
'automatic spam training' folders.  When mail arrives in these folders,
simply train and move.

I even have a Pocket PC I can test with :)  A few people saying they would
find it useful would help though :)


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