[Spambayes] Inadvertent Deleting As Spam Two Messages

Kenny Pitt kennypitt at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 27 13:34:33 EST 2004

Robin Inskip wrote:
> It had to happen but today I made two mistakes by deleting good
> messages into "Delete as Spam"  One reason is that I seem to have
> lost the "remove from possible junk mail and put in the inbox" button.
> Can I fish up these two messages from Spam Deletes?  Both Senders of
> Messages are Welcome emails for me and I don't want them blocked out.
> Also any suggestions about finding the "remove from junk mail and put
> in inbox" button. I did look at the troubleshooting guide but didn't
> find a pertinent section.

Assuming that you haven't already deleted the messages from your Spam
folder, you should be able to go there and click Recover (assuming you
have a Recover button there, see below).  If you can Recover from the
Spam folder then this will reverse the incorrect training and retrain
the messages as good.

Were you classifying messages in the Unsure folder when you had the
problem?  Normal behavior is: in the Spam folder show only the Recover
button, in the Unsure folder show both Delete and Recover buttons, in
any other folder show only the Delete button.  Is that not what you're

If Recover does not show up in the Unsure or Spam folders, then Outlook
may be hiding part of your toolbar because of lack of space.  If this
happens, look for a downward-pointing triangle at the far right side of
the SpamBayes toolbar.  Try clicking the triangle and see if the missing
button is in the dropdown there.

Kenny Pitt

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