[Spambayes] can outlook xp, spambayes, and trend micro's pc-cillin co-exist?

Salvador Castellano fxcastellano at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 27 19:33:27 EST 2004


I'm a newbie on this topic, so I hope you'll excuse me if the answer to my 
question is readily available or somehow otherwise stupid.  I run Outlook XP 
and use Trend Micro's PC-cillin for antivirus.  I'm really interested in 
using Spambayes, based on a recommendation from someone I trust and reading 
about it; but when I read the documentation about how it works, I saw that 
it works by proxying the POP3 server, as does PC-cillin's "POP3 Scan" 
feature.  I'm reluctant to install new software just to find out that it 
collides with stuff that I already have and depend on, so I was hoping that 
somebody who understands how they both work could answer the question of 
whether or not they are compatible (or whether I somehow misunderstood it 

I searched the FAQ, the Wiki, and the archives for this list, but didn't 
find the answer.  The answer or a pointer to the answer would be much 
appreciated as I am pretty darn sick of the spam!

Thanks in advance,
David Bernstein

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