[Spambayes] Inadvertent Deleting As Spam Two Messages

Mark Hammond mhammond at keypoint.com.au
Fri Feb 27 20:04:17 EST 2004

> It had to happen but today I made two mistakes by deleting
> good messages
> into "Delete as Spam"  One reason is that I seem to have lost
> the "remove
> from possible junk mail and put in the inbox" button.
> Can I fish up these two messages from Spam Deletes?  Both Senders of
> Messages are Welcome emails for me and I don't want them
> blocked out.  Also
> any suggestions about finding the "remove from junk mail and
> put in inbox"
> button. I did look at the troubleshooting guide but didn't
> find a pertinent
> section.

See the other excellent responses, but something that hasn't been mentioned
yet is that SpamBayes will also train when you manually move messages to the
folders SpamBayes is watching.  This is assuming the option is enabled in
the 'Training' page of the SpamBayes manager, which it is by default.

This means that simply dragging and dropping the message from the 'Spam'
folder back into your inbox will undo any 'Spam' training, and effect a
'Ham' train for that message - ie, exactly what the 'Recover from Spam'
button would do.


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