[Spambayes] Spam Score Field in Outlook Plugin

Steve Zimmerman StevenAZimmerman at comcast.net
Sat Feb 28 03:03:08 EST 2004

Your documentation states that it is necessary to manually add this field in
every folder where you want it.  However, there is a way to make this part
of a standard view (such as "Messages") so that it automatically appears in
every folder with that view.  First, make sure that the "Advanced" toolbar
is displayed; this contains a dropdown box with the current view selected.
Next, add the Spam Score Field as per your documentation, and position and
size it the way you want.  Finally, click in the dropdown box so that the
current view is highlighted, and hit Enter.  The current column layout is
now the standard for the selected view.  The first time certain folders are
selected they may not show this column, but clicking to a different folder
and then clicking back to them fixes this problem.





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