[Spambayes] How do I remove SpamBayes

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Sat Feb 28 23:16:44 EST 2004

> I would like to know how to remove SpamBayes
> from my system.  I have noted that you have
> not included an Uninstaller.

If you installed with one of the installers, then, yes, an uninstaller is
included.  You uninstall like you uninstall almost any Windows program.

 1. Open the "Add/Remove Programs" control panel.
 2. Find "SpamBayes" or "SpamBayes Outlook addin", depending on which
version you have.
 3. Click uninstall.

> I spend more time in training SpamBayes than I do
> reading my e-mail (the wanted messages).  
> Seems to me it does not work.

You are, of course, most welcome to simply uninstall SpamBayes.  If you do
want to use it though, we can probably help you figure out what you're doing
wrong, so that it does work.  An example "show clues" from a message that
gets incorrectly classified would greatly help, if that is the case.

=Tony Meyer

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