[Spambayes] spambays/outlook/deleted box question

Alyssa Franks alyssa at cambersoft.com
Sun Feb 29 10:21:52 EST 2004

Prior to installing Spambays I set up a bunch of rules in Outlook (not
express) for my junk mail.  I've got perhaps thousands of junk email
addresses in my junk senders list.
This seems (I think) to be causing spambay some problems.  the reason why I
think it's doing this is because for some unknown other reason unrelated to
this problem I get two emails of the same spam.  One correctly goes into the
spambays Junk E-Mail folder the second goes into my Deleted items folder.  I
think spambays grabs one email & the outlook rules grabs the other.

Got any suggestions?
thanks in advance!

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- MATT WALLACE, manager of the Spirit robotic rover mission.

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