[Spambayes] Why doesn't it filter automatically every time Ireceive mail?

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed Jan 7 01:25:49 EST 2004

> Check it out, let me know if you can figure anything out for me.
[in log]
> exceptions.AssertionError: No delay means no timer!

Hmm.  This says that you're trying to use a timer (the 'background
filtering' feature), but have set the timer value(s) to 0.  I tried this
here, and the log gave me a different (nicer) message than this, and I think
it still worked (just with the timer off), but I suspect that this could be
something that Mark has fixed since the last release.

In any case, this should be fixable simply by going into the "Advanced" tab
of the SpamBayes Manager dialog and changing the timer values to be

=Tony Meyer

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