[Spambayes] ToolBar Problem

Robert Mezzone Robert.Mezzone at PJSolomon.Com
Wed Jan 7 15:36:45 EST 2004

I have a user running the latest version of SpamBayes with Outlook 2002. I
don't know what she did but her SpamBayes toolbar no longer displays
correctly. There is no Delete As SPAM button. The only thing that exists is
the SpamBayes label but when you click on the down arrow there is nothing.
She also deleted the Junk E-Mail folder so I can't begin to imagine what she
I tried deleting the Outlook profile, using the mail icon and manually
deleting all profile information from registry and profiles directory.
SpamBayes toolbar isn't recreated. I removed SpamBayes and reinstalled, did
not help. If I log onto the same machine as a different user everything is
Where is this toolbar stored? I know I could delete her entire WIN2K profile
but that would mean a lot of work on my part to recreate it the way she is
use too.
Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
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