[Spambayes] Password authentication problem with POP3Proxy

Tom Peters tpeters at mixcom.com
Wed Jan 14 14:59:44 EST 2004

All my Eudora personalities (their term for accounts) use the same two
ports: 3110 and 3025 to the proxy (sb_server.py) then 110 and 25 as usual.
I know there's instructions in some docs to use separate ports for each
personality but i've never found it necessary. I'm using Eudora pro 5.1

You may have to create a a second personality for the other account. If it
was working before spambayes, you probably already did this. In that case,
you may have to find the encrypted passwords in eudora.ini and comment
them out. Copy the line containing the password (I'm not home so I don't
know the syntax) and place a semicolon at the start of one. Make the other
one a blank password. It might look like this:


so make it look like this


Find all occurences and do this to them. This forces Eudora to prompt you
for new passwords for each account.

That might be your problem. It might be using the wrong password, perhaps
the password for the other account.

The sb_server.py proxy relays the passwords exactly as you tell it to. The
trick it to tell it correctly.


> This link may help you: http://www.eudora.com/techsupport/kb/1501hq.html
> I think (I'm not a Eudora, or even a windows user) that you are attempting
> to
> access the spambayes proxy on port 110 for BOTH accounts, which is why the
> second account doesn't work.
> On Tuesday 13 January 2004 05:22 pm, Stephen Ban wrote:
>> I'm running Eudora with the SpamBayes POP3Proxy; I have multiple
>> accounts/servers that I would like to proxy through SpamBayes, and the
>> first account sets up fine, i.e. I have SpamBayes proxying on port 110
>> to
>> the appropriate external POP server and that works no problem. However,
>> if
>> I try to add a second pop server to the list and a second port to proxy
>> (I
>> assume port 111 is as good as any?), and set the corresponding Eudora
>> account to "localhost", I get a password authentication error from
>> Eudora
>> as follows:

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