[Spambayes] outlook plugin database usuable with proxy ?

Michael Engel michael-engel at ma.dic.co.jp
Thu Jul 1 04:05:54 EDT 2004

I think I have question which might be interesting for the Spambayes FAQ.
Unfortunately, I do not have the answer myself. I would be grateful if
someone of you could answer it.

Until recently, I used MS Outlook together with the SPAMBAYES outlook
But I switched my emailer and I am now using Mozilla Thunderbird.
I plan to use the Spambayes proxy.

Can I use the database created by the plugin as proxy database ?
If yes, what are the names of the databases which I have to move/rename ?

I searched for *.db and found in



I think such a situation as described above will happen more often and I
think question and answer should be included in the FAQ.

Best regards
Michael Engel

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