[Spambayes] outlook plugin database usuable with proxy ?

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Thu Jul 1 19:28:41 EDT 2004

> Can I use the database created by the plugin as proxy database ?
> If yes, what are the names of the databases which I have to 
> move/rename ?
> I searched for *.db and found in
> \SpamBayes\
> default_bayes_database.db
> default_message_database.db
> in
> \SpamBayes\Proxy\
> hammie.db
> spambayes.messageinfo.db

The default_bayes_database.db is the equivalent of hammie.db.  You can
either rename it to hammie.db, or just go into the web configuration page
and type in the path of the default_bayes_database.db file in the "Database
location" option.

(The two message databases keep track of messages that have been trained,
for retraining purposes.  These are not usable or required when swapping, so
you can ignore those).

> I think such a situation as described above will happen more 
> often and I think question and answer should be included in the FAQ.

Usually we wait for questions to be frequently asked before we put them in
the FAQ, to try and avoid cluttering it up as much as possible.  Certainly
if this does get asked frequently, then someone would add it.  For the
moment, people can just ask here, as you did.

=Tony Meyer

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