[Spambayes] I'm running into a resource conflict; SpamBayes freezes my system

Tim Peters tim.peters at gmail.com
Thu Jul 1 23:19:30 EDT 2004

[Rich Barger]
> Ah, but I wouldn't know what I had or what to do with it even if I
> downloaded the source code.  While I'm an experienced computer >user<, I'm
> certainly not a programmer.

That's only because you haven't downloaded Python yet:


Python is what SpamBayes is written in, and it's free too.  You'll be
programming the first day -- perhaps not at a world-class level at
first, but at least in America a long weekend is almost upon us

>> But it appears you've already determined that it's really ZoneAlarm freezing
>> your system.

> Not exactly; that's why I msg'd the SpamBayes group, Tim.  I had no idea
> whether it was ZoneAlarm causing the problem, or SpamBayes.  I just knew they
> didn't play nice together.

That's right.  Once you *are* an experienced Windows programmer, this
will be burned into your bones:

     Observation:  When program X and ZoneAlarm are both running, the computer

     Conclusion:  ZoneAlarm is the cause.

I'm only half joking about that one!  Replace "ZoneAlarm" with "a
virus scanner" and you get another Universal Truth.

> ...
> Isn't it fun, dealing with users with the gamut of experience from none to
> guru?  <g>

It actually is.  You fooled me about which end of that scale you were
on, and I do apologize for talking over your head as a result.

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