[Spambayes] outlook plugin database usuable with proxy ?

Kenny Pitt kennypitt at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 2 10:17:21 EDT 2004

Tony Meyer wrote:
>> Can I use the database created by the plugin as proxy database ?
>> If yes, what are the names of the databases which I have to
>> move/rename ? 
> The default_bayes_database.db is the equivalent of hammie.db.  You
> can either rename it to hammie.db, or just go into the web
> configuration page and type in the path of the
> default_bayes_database.db file in the "Database location" option.   

You can certainly do this and you will probably get pretty good results.
However, because of the strange way that Outlook exposes the e-mail messages
to us, the Outlook plug-in and the proxy generate slightly different tokens
for the same messages.  SpamBayes learns fast, and experience seems to
indicate that a smaller training database is often best, so this might be a
good excuse to just retrain from scratch in the proxy.

Kenny Pitt

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