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Kenny Pitt kennypitt at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 2 10:27:13 EDT 2004

Chuckc at lincum.com wrote:
> Tony;
> Believe part of first part of your msg got left out, re.
> " this is how to do it.
> ????  (WHAT IS exactly right?:)
> It's exactly right :)  You then set your mail client to connect to
> whichever localhost port matches the server you're after.  For
> example, if you had:"  
> Please fill me in, and THANK YOU for the response!
> Chuck Cummins
> chuckc at lincum.com
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> [Michael's instructions]
>> I'm only using one mailserver, so I don't know for sure that
>> this is how to do it.
> It's exactly right :)

I believe Tony is referring back to Michael's original instructions where he
made the comment that he wasn't sure if they were correct.  You can find
that message archived here:


On the other hand, your original message sounded to me like maybe you have
several accounts but all on the same mail server.  If that is the case then
all you need to do is configure SpamBayes to talk to that one mailserver and
then configure each of the accounts in your mail client to talk to SpamBayes
on localhost and the port you selected.  SpamBayes will simply pass the
logon information sent by your mail client on to the mail server, so it
should work with as many different accounts as you have on that one server.

Kenny Pitt

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