[Spambayes] lost "recover from spam" button

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Sat Jul 3 08:58:51 CEST 2004

> I've lost my  "recover from spam" button on Outlook 2000. How 
> do I get it back?

1.  Check that you're definitely in the right folder.  Go into the SpamBayes
Manager dialog, then the "Filtering" tab, and click the "Browse" button next
to the spam folder.  Check the folder hierarchy to make sure you know
exactly which folder is the spam folder.   Then use Outlook to open that
folder, and check to see if the button is there.

2.  Check that it's not simply hidden by Outlook.  Outlook hides buttons
that don't fit - you'll see little down arrows at the end of the toolbar,
and clicking those will show the button.

3.  Try deleting the toolbar and restarting Outlook.  The toolbar will be
automatically recreated.

If none of these help, please send us a copy of your most recent log file.
The troubleshooting guide explains where to find the logs.

=Tony Meyer

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