[Spambayes] Outlook 2002 headers - behaviour

Katz, Amir Amir_Katz at bmc.com
Sat Jul 3 23:25:53 CEST 2004

Without deep-diving into the concepts here, here's my take on John's mail:

I also work with headers-only mode (Start Outlook with 'work offline' mode,
then periodically connect to Exchange server using Tools->Remote mail). I do
that when I'm connected from home. So, when I see a header which is 100%
spam, I simply delete it. In the remote mail mode, deleting a mail header
tells the Exchange server to delete the mail when I reconnect. 
Downside: I don't train SB with that message.
Upside: I save time & bandwidth - the message never gets downloaded and does
not get processed by either SB or Outlook rules. 

I prefer this rather than teaching SB another variant of spam (which I get
enough anyway when I am online).

Just my $0.02.


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Outlook binary addin 1.0RC1.0

Outllok 2002+ has the functionality to operate with headers. I sometimes
choose, for bandwidth reasons, to download only 'header' information
from my POP3 server as this saves downloading crap.

It's 99%+ obvious from the header what is spam - but spambayes cannot
operate on headers only (outlook is not so great here either) - so have
to download the entire messgae anyway to train DB, or alternatively
expunge from server using standard outlook function.

It would be good if 'Delete as Spam' could register at least the header
info as spam tokens, remove from inbox to Spam folder, and mark the
message to be deleted form the server on next connect? Understand that
Outlook functionality may determine what's possible here.

I also suspect that working with headers can cause application bombing
out - I have seen this a few times but have not yet got definitve
report. Is there a good reference for spambayes-outlook header

With heartfelt thanks to all concerned for this superbly professional
product and for smoothing ongoing glitches. Great job!!!

Thought - The header info is obviously extremely significant. Would it
help (is it already possible) to give this header information is more
significance than the actual message body? Could such 'header' DB be
implemented as in parallel with existing method and correlated somehow!?

John Turnbull

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