[Spambayes] FAQ: 4.18 How do I use a pickle for storage?

Roger oxyme at wanadoo.nl
Sun Jul 4 14:47:10 CEST 2004

Quote: "To use a pickle, set the option "persistent_use_database" to 
False in your configuration file..."

The link to the configuration files doesn't work, and the question it 
links to isn't in the list. Furthermore, I can't find any configuration 
file in any of the directories, even the hidden ones.

I'm trying to setup Spambayes on my Mac OS X 10.3. I just installed 
Python 2.3 which I just downloaded. If I start python in the terminal, 
it says version 2.3-1. If I start sb_server.py, I get the following 

	You do not have a dbm module available to use.  You need to either use 
a pickle (see the FAQ),
	use Python 2.3 (or above), or install a dbm module such as bsddb
	(see http://sf.net/projects/pybsddb).
	Loading database...

If I try to install the pybsddb, I get an error message saying:

	Can't find a local BerkeleyDB installation.
	(suggestion: try the --berkeley-db=/path/to/bsddb option)

So I'm a bit confused. What should I do?


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