[Spambayes] SB plugin question - Spam probability field in 'Unsure'folder

John Turnbull j.h.turnbull at btinternet.com
Sun Jul 4 21:10:24 CEST 2004

refer to section from the SB "Installing and Configuring' doc  i.e.
Viewing and Using the Spam Score Field
A custom property named Spam is added to all Outlook messages scored,
but Outlook does not allow us to automatically add this to your views.
However, you can teach Outlook to display this field as a column in any
table view, like the standard Messages view. 
This takes some work, and has to be done again for every folder in which
you want to display a Spam column - typically this will be all folders
you are filtering, and your Spam and Unsure folders.  Perform the
following steps

While looking at an Outlook table view (like Messages), right-click on
the line with column headers (From, Subject, To, Received, ...). In the
context menu that pops up, click on Field Chooser. A box with title
Field Chooser pops up. 
In the drop-down list at the top of the Field Chooser window, select
User Defined Fields 
Below the drop-down, you should see a rectangular button with a Spam
label . This should be automatically created for all folders managed by
the system, but if it does not appear, you will need to add it yourself.
To do this, perform the following steps 
In the lower left corner of the Field Chooser box, click New.... A box
with title New Field pops up. 
In the Name: box, type Spam. 
In the Type: dropdown list, select Percent. This is the third choice in
the dropdown list. Do not select any other format -- it won't work. 
The Format: select the first entry in the list - "Rounded".  The Field
Chooser should now look like the first image on the right.
Click OK in the New Field box. Now you're back in the Field Chooser box,
with a new Spam button shown, as the second figure shows.
Use your mouse to drag the Spam button to the column header position
where you want to see the Spam column. You don't have to be precise here
-- you can rearrange or resize the column later just by dragging it
You're done! Close the Field Chooser box

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In a recent exchange in the list I was told to examine the spam score on
each message in the 'unsure' folder and then act on the message
depending on the value.  However, as far as I can see, the header field
'spam' is only available in the 'spam' folder and not in the 'Unsure'
folder.  I think it's documented somewhere, but I can't find it.

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