[Spambayes] RE: [spambayes-bugs] SpamBayes will not stay loaded

Richard Jeff Lehman rjl at biosci.umtri.umich.edu
Wed Jul 7 18:20:17 CEST 2004

From:           	"Kenny Pitt" <kennypitt at hotmail.com>
To:             	<rjlehman at umich.edu>
Subject:        	RE: [spambayes-bugs] SpamBayes will not stay loaded
Date sent:      	Wed, 7 Jul 2004 11:30:16 -0400

> Richard Jeff Lehman wrote:
> >> Are you
> >> running the binary version from the installer, or are you running
> >> from source?  Are there any error messages in your logfile?
> >> 
> > The binary.  Where's the log file?  No entries in event viewer.
> The logfiles should be in your temp folder, which is usually "Documents and
> Settings\username\Local Settings\Temp".  Look for files named
> SpamBayesServer1.log, SpamBayesServer2.log, etc.

Logfile shows these lines w/ or w/o verbose switch:

=============================  begin ============================
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "pop3proxy_tray.py", line 555, in ?
  File "pop3proxy_tray.py", line 551, in main
  File "pop3proxy_tray.py", line 197, in __init__
  File "pop3proxy_tray.py", line 423, in Start
  File "pop3proxy_tray.py", line 266, in StartService pywintypes.error: 
(1058, 'StartService', 'The service cannot be started, either because 
it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with 

=============================  end  =============================
> You might also try going to a Command Prompt window and running
> sb_server.exe directly from there.  You won't get an icon in the system tray
> if you run it this way, but any messages from SpamBayes will be displayed in
> the command window so that they'll be easy to spot.

A zillion lines of text flushing/adding/storing/placing..., then the 
correct startup lines (SMTP listener.../User interface url... and THEN 
it's running.  I can read and send mail, etc.  BUT *NO* history, no 
stats, etc.  sb_tray will run if I start sb_server this way, but not 

> It might also be helpful to increase the amount of information in the
> logfiles.  If you look in your "Documents and Settings\username\Application
> Data\SpamBayes\Proxy" directory, you should find a file named
> bayescustomize.ini.  Open this file in Notepad or another text editor and
> look for a "[globals]" section with the option "verbose:False".  If you find
> it, just change False to True.  If you don't see it, just add the following
> two lines to the bottom of the file:
> [globals]
> verbose:True
> In the future, please CC the spambayes at python.org list with any replies.
> Someone else might be able to jump in with additional assistance.
> -- 
> Kenny Pitt


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