[Spambayes] Training failure?

Support Support at agri-west.com
Wed Jul 7 22:47:51 CEST 2004

I have installed Spambayes on four different PCs.  It works flawlessly
on every one but one.  It is a Windows XP machine, in all ways similar
to the other installs, except for the fact that the user has four
personal folders of mail, plus an Exchange mailbox.  She actively uses
the Exchange mailbox and that is where I installed Spambayes.  I created
two extra folders as the instructions requested and proceeded through
the training with no errors.  I then launched Outlook and found that the
training did not "take" and that all messages were still being delivered
to the mailbox and not being culled to Junk E-mail.  I trained Spambayes
again thenext day with more examples of both hammy and spammy messages
and again, no luck....


Any ideas?


Macleod at satx.rr.com


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