[Spambayes] Newbie outlook/spambayes/multiple folder question

Kenny Pitt kennypitt at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 7 23:49:30 CEST 2004

Simon Thornington wrote:
> I have SpamBayes running great for my Exchange Server account.  My
> question now is, I have a couple of other fairly active email
> accounts I could access via POP.  Can I easily add them to Outlook
> 2003/SpamBayes without any of the mails getting intermixed?  Ideally,
> I'd like to use the same filter for Exchange.Inbox -> Exchange.Junk
> E-Mail as well as POPServer.LocalInbox -> LocalJunkEmail or
> something.      

Easy enough.  Just add your POP accounts as additional accounts in Outlook.
I can't remember the default configuration if you also have an Exchange
server, but mail from your POP accounts should be delivered either to your
Exchange Inbox or to "Personal Folders/Inbox".  Go to SpamBayes Manager on
the Filtering tab, and under "Filter the following folders" use the Browse
button to make sure both of those folders are selected.

SpamBayes only has one junk folder and spam messages for all of your
accounts will be moved there.  I would recommend configuring SpamBayes to
use a folder under "Personal Folders" for spam.

Kenny Pitt

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