[Spambayes] Newbie outlook/spambayes/multiple folder question

Coe, Bob rcoe at CambridgeMA.GOV
Thu Jul 8 14:23:48 CEST 2004

A brief elaboration of Kenny's last point:
Putting the spam folder in a .pst file can reduce the amount of synchronization between the user's PC and the Exchange server, which in some cases might spare you from copying spam back to the server. But notice that it has the side effect that items deleted from the spam folder will go to the .pst file's "Deleted Items" folder, not to the one on the Exchange server. Only one "Deleted Items" folder is automatically cleared when you leave Outlook, and it's normally the one on the server. So you may have to manually clear the one in the .pst file from time to time.

Another suggestion: If you get a lot of spam through your POP3 accounts, try to download their incoming messages when you're NOT on-line to the Exchange server. They'll get cached locally, and the spam will be deleted without the Exchange server ever seeing it. But if you're on-line when you check your POP3 mail, the incoming messages will be copied to the Exchange server before Spambayes sees them. Then if you didn't follow Kenny's advice and set up a local spam folder, the spam will be copied to the server again! (I think. I doubt that Outlook/Exchange is smart enough to notice that the process of moving spam to the spam folder locally can be replicated remotely, but I admit that I can't prove it.)

I don't think any of this is a great mystery to an experienced Exchange user. I mention it only because there's been some evidence that a large segment of the Spambayes user community isn't very experienced with Exchange.


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> Simon Thornington wrote:
> > I have SpamBayes running great for my Exchange Server account.  My
> > question now is, I have a couple of other fairly active email
> > accounts I could access via POP.  Can I easily add them to Outlook
> > 2003/SpamBayes without any of the mails getting intermixed?  Ideally,
> > I'd like to use the same filter for Exchange.Inbox -> Exchange.Junk
> > E-Mail as well as POPServer.LocalInbox -> LocalJunkEmail or something.      
> Easy enough.  Just add your POP accounts as additional accounts in Outlook.
> I can't remember the default configuration if you also have an Exchange
> server, but mail from your POP accounts should be delivered either to your
> Exchange Inbox or to "Personal Folders/Inbox".  Go to SpamBayes Manager on
> the Filtering tab, and under "Filter the following folders" use the Browse
> button to make sure both of those folders are selected.
> SpamBayes only has one junk folder and spam messages for all of your
> accounts will be moved there.  I would recommend configuring SpamBayes to
> use a folder under "Personal Folders" for spam.
> -- 
> Kenny Pitt

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