[Spambayes] FAQ: 4.18 How do I use a pickle for storage?

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Mon Jul 12 07:35:31 CEST 2004

> Quote: "To use a pickle, set the option "persistent_use_database" to 
> False in your configuration file..."
> The link to the configuration files doesn't work, and the question it 
> links to isn't in the list.

Thanks, I'll fix that.  The question it's referring to has been renamed to a
much simpler "how do I configure SpamBayes".  The info is in that question
and the ones immediately after it.

> Furthermore, I can't find any configuration 
> file in any of the directories, even the hidden ones.

>From the following information, it sounds like this is because you've never
configured SpamBayes.  The file is only created when you first save your
configuration, so if you've never got that far, then you won't have one to

> I'm trying to setup Spambayes on my Mac OS X 10.3. I just installed 
> Python 2.3 which I just downloaded.
[bsddb not available]

Hmm.  I thought that bsddb was included with all versions of 2.3, including
the one that Apple bundles with Jaguar.  I could easily be wrong, though.
I've cc'd this to Skip, because I believe he would know the answer to that
(and might otherwise miss this message).  Skip?

> So I'm a bit confused. What should I do?

You can still use a pickle, although you're right that this makes it
difficult to do that!  (We'll have to address that at some point).  You'll
need to create a "bayescustomize.ini" or ".spambayesrc" file yourself and
put in it:


(without the leading spaces).  The tricky thing is where to put it.  Again,
Skip would know this better than me stuck here on my Windows machine.  I
suspect that calling it ".spambayesrc" and putting it in your Home directory
would work, but I might be wrong.

=Tony Meyer

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